Cost of ‘Digital OPC’ would be staggering


To the Editor:

I read with interest the Year in Review, Parks and the Obama Presidential Center, Jan.1.

Staff writers, Aaron Gettinger and Samantha Smylie cover a lot of the private groups and agencies that are involved with the project. The idea of a presidential library with its Congressionally mandated maximum size of 70,000 square feet and free admission is not discussed, nor is it mentioned that the OPC is not really a presidential library.

I wrote the following to the OPC:

Obama Foundation,

I have researched Digital libraries and there is no way that Congress will pay the amount required.

one can be done for yours.

To quote the publication Double Fold: “…the truth is that nobody ever understands the cost of a computer project, and the costs will be yodelingly high in any case. The cost of digital storage of a normal library is $1.5 billion a year…and if you want color scans it will cost you a few billion more than that.”

The disappointed children with their passports will assume the forces that blocked your Supreme Court pick, federal reserve governors, postal service governors and hundreds of judges have decided that black presidents don’t get presidential libraries, either.”

I haven’t heard back from them yet. The area that was cleared without permits could fit a 70,000-SF building across from the Hyde Park Academy.

Terry Herlihy