City Council passes ordinance authorizing city to buy 7 Woodlawn properties for affordable housing



The Chicago City Council passed an ordinance on Jan. 15 authorizing the city’s Housing Department to buy seven properties in Woodlawn for the purpose of expanding affordable housing there.

Aldermen passed the Troubled Buildings Initiative (TBI) Program Enabling Ordinance by a voice vote.

The TBI program is designed to preserve multi- and single-family affordable residences that are at risk of a loss; the seven Woodlawn properties are all vacant buildings or empty lots formerly owned by the Rev. Leon Finney.

The move comes ahead of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s announced introduction of housing preservation legislation affecting Woodlawn.

“We are working on and will roll out a plan to make sure that we are addressing the land speculation; addressing the fact that there are many older residents in that area, that they don’t have the resources to be able to keep up their properties through maintenance; and we’re going to address the concerns around inflation of rental increase,” the mayor said in December.