Week in Photos

December 7 Week In Photos

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November 16 Week In Photos

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Small Business Saturday

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November 16 Week In Photos

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Montgomery Place 25th Anniversary

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HPCC 2016 Annual Dinner

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Manhole Cover Art

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November 9 Week In Photos

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Climate Change

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Pie Challenge

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November 2 Week In Photos

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Oriental Mummy Night

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Climate Change at International House

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October 19 Week In Photos

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South Side Pie Challenge @ Hyde Park Neighborhood Club

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Hyde Park Neighborhood Club Gala

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October 19 Week In Photos

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October 12 Week In Photos

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Hyde Park-Kenwood Used Book Sale

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October 5 Week In Photos

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HP Village Dinner

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September 28 Week In Photos

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2016 Hyde Park Jazz Fest

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September 21 Week In Photos

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University of Chicago Freshman Moving In Day

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Brews, Brats and Brass Festival

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September 14 Week In Photos

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30th Annual Children’s Book Fair

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September 7 Week In Photos

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Ribbon Cuttings

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Harper Court Music Series

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August 31 Week In Photos

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BLKLST photo-shoot

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25th Annual 4th Ward Health and Housing Fair

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August 24 Week In Photos

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La Rabida Children’s Hospital’s first back to school dance

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Oral History at Hyde Park Historical Society

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August 17 Week In Photos

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August 10 Week In Photos

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Bixler Bash

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August 3 Week In Photos

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Folk Art Farm plot

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Harry Potter Book Party

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July 27 Week In Photos

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Hyde Park Art Center Bike Tour of Public Art

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July 20 Week In Photos

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Hyde Park Gatherings

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Silver Room Block Party

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July 12 Week In Photos

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Chosen Few

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4th on 53rd

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DuSable Art Fair

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July 6 Week In Photos

Hyde Park Historical Society Chicago Metro History Fair

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Scenes from the concert series at Harper Court

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The Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce Dinner Crawl

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June 22 Week In Photos

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June 8 Week In Photos

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Hyde Park Brew Fest 2016

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57th St. Art Fair 2016

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May 25 Week In Photos

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Ray School Walk-a Thon

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May 18 Week In Photos

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Migratory Bird Day

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Garden Fair

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May 11 Week In Photos

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50th annual pancake breakfast at the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club

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Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce First Thursday business networking meeting

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Scenes from Jackson Park

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Mothers Day

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Kenwood Academy High School Lady Broncos Baseball team

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2016 Mother’s Day Report sponsored by the Older Womens League

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May 4 Week In Photos

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April 27 Week In Photos

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April 6 Week In Photos

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March 30 Week In Photos

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March 9 Week In Photos

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March 2 Week In Photos

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February 3 Week In Photos

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January 27 Week In Photos

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January 20 Week In Photos

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January 13 Week In Photos

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January 6 Week In Photos

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